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The all-in-one Shopify design and coding course for designers.

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Become a SHOPIFY EXPERT charging $10k+ without feeling overstretched

Design Freedom on Shopify is a creative course for designers who want to confidently build stores on Shopify that break out of cookie cutter templates.

Founding member price $1997 USD

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Chloe in e-commerce design and Hana in Shopify development will teach you everything you need to know so you can become an expert too.

Without any of those embarrassing client mistakes.

No other Shopify course teaches both
design ANDdevelopment so in depth.

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  • undercharging and struggling with scope creep, making projects stressful?
  • wracked with nerves as you’re hoping the client won’t ask for something you don’t know how to do?
  • stabbing in the dark spending hours guessing how to code something that should be simple?
  • looking at theme code like it’s a foreign language and scared to mess it up?
  • used to designing for service-based websites but aren’t sure about best practices for e-commerce to help clients make sales?
  • not attracting high value clients but scared to charge more because then your client will expect more from you?
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It doesn’t have to be that way!

WE CAN fast-track YOU TO

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Join us and become a SHOPIFY EXPERT      

Fast track your way to
becoming a Shopify expert

Unlimited Access to:
✨ All 8 modules of the course curriculum*
✨ Client process and email templates
Code Customization library & code snippets
✨ Our bestselling Shopify Store Launch Kit
✨ Briefs for portfolio pieces

12 months** Access to:
Support on our private Discord community***
30% off Luna sections (for our unlimited license)
✨ Course curriculum and resource updates

The doors have closed for this intake. Sign up to find out when the course is open again.


Modules will be released weekly, all of them will be available by November 30, 2022



Chloe will walk you through the client process, so you can feel like an expert on that first sales call. We’ll cover all aspects: from pricing, scoping and onboarding, to getting all the info you need on the discovery call so your projects run smoothly and profitably.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Sales call techniques
✓ Scope projects for profit
✓ How to decide which platform is best for your client
✓ A smooth client process
✓ How to confidently charge $$$$$



Themes are essential to Shopify and one theme does not fit every project. There are so many amazing themes on offer with powerful features that would take too long to code from scratch. But how do you choose from 80 in the theme store? Follow our Theme Selecting System and discover how to select the best theme for your project.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Shopify backend structure
✓ Our Theme Selecting System
✓ OS 1.0 vs OS 2.0



Learn how to maximise sales for your client with UX design fundamentals. We’ll cover the techniques and methodology behind every design decision and Shopify page to reduce revision rounds and help your client see you as an expert.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ UX e-commerce fundamentals
✓ How to increase your client’s sales with good design
✓ Using mock-up programs
⭐ Design a website with Chloe
⭐ Design your own portfolio piece



Now we get to the build! We’ll take you through a full Shopify build, sharing our our tips and tricks for getting the site completed, handed over and launched as effortlessly as possible.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Building a Shopify store from start to finish
✓ Our tips and tricks for building effortlessly
✓ How to launch without missing anything
⭐ Build along with us for your portfolio



Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Liquid (Shopify’s coding language). Familiarize yourself with Shopify’s theme code so you can confidently hop in and make any edits you want!

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Liquid fundamentals
✓ Shopify theme code structure
✓ How to understand any theme’s code



A library of tutorials on how to make Shopify code customizations to expand the theme’s possibilities and bring your designs to life.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Add liquid & schema to create any section customization you want
✓ Easily add fun decorations to your sections
✓ Master product metafields
⭐ Code along to practice & build confidence



Build a semi-custom website. Use the skills you learned in the customization library to develop a website from a given design. Try it yourself, but if you get stuck, you can follow along with Hana as she builds the site.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Shopify build workflow
✓ Building future-proof sites for clients
✓ Working efficiently to maximize profit
⭐ Build a semi-custom store for your portfolio



Once you’re confident in HTML, CSS and Liquid, you’re ready to build custom Shopify sections so you can create any layout you desire.

Skills you'll learn...

✓ Planning & development of custom Shopify sections
⭐ Create 3 custom coded sections
that work on any theme



You’ll be getting TWO experts, you have Chloe teaching the client process and design side of things, then Hana teaches the coding part.


You’ll have all the modules by November 30. We want you to have everything you need to be able to learn at your own pace.


we’ll be on hand in our exclusive Discord channel to ask us whenever you get stuck or need some advice. So you can learn HOW to do something, not just have someone do it for you.


The course is based around creating portfolio pieces you can actually use, to show clients you can do the job.

like these

Chloe Ford x Hana Drdla

Chloe Ford x Hana Drdla

Design: Our Kind Studio. Build: Hana Drdla

Chloe Ford x Hana Drdla

Design: Pim Preston Designs. Build: Hana Drdla.

Chloe Ford x Hana Drdla

are better than one

We’ve been through it all, and now are here to share our Shopify secrets, tips and tricks. So you can fast track your way to becoming an expert.

Chloe is a graphic designer with over 10 years experience. She’s known for creating online worlds for bestselling beauty brands.

Hana specializes in Shopify development, bringing designers’ visions to life with clean code that’s easy for clients to edit.

Together, we created Luna Templates where we offer premium designed Shopify sections to help you build client websites faster, cheaper and charge more for them. Over 500 of you have trusted us with our section templates, and now we’re showing you how to do it yourselves.


Fast track your way to
becoming a Shopify expert

The doors have closed for this intake. Sign up to find out when the course is open again.


Design Freedom on Shopify logo

You're currently...

  • always telling your client something isn’t possible on Shopify
  • scared the client will ask for something you don’t know how to do
  • not sure how to scope the project or quote properly and losing money because you’re having to hire developers
  • seeing your branding designs being frankensteined on DIY websites
  • severely underestimated how long this project would take you
  • spending hours or days trying to fix one little thing and have no one to ask for help
  • don’t have Shopify projects in your portfolio, so not sure where to get clients from
  • Shopify’s code looks like another language to you and you’re scared to break something


Design Freedom on Shopify logo

You'll be able to...

  • find solutions for your clients and they trust you as an expert
  • feel confident you can please your client, jumping in the code and making edits to any theme
  • you price each project to be profitable and stress-free
  • able to see projects from start to completion
  • finishing projects quickly and charging enough to avoid overwhelm
  • hop in the Slack group and ask for help from peers and the instructors
  • have Shopify portfolio pieces on your website that show you’re an expert
  • know exactly where to go in the code and how to make the change you want


If your question isn’t listed, or you’d just like to chat about if the course is right for you, send us an email: or a DM on IG @lunatemplates

This course is for brand designers and web designers who want to bring their designs to life on Shopify with a stellar client experience. It was created for designers which means we focus on teaching you the Shopify skills you’ll actually want.

This course is suitable for both total beginners and those who already work on Shopify but want to expand their skills. Send us a message if you’d like to chat about whether it’s right for you.

No coding knowledge is required as we will go through the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Liquid (Shopify’s coding language). However, coming into the course with some CSS knowledge will allow you to achieve the results you want faster. The focus is mainly on Shopify theme code and how to easily customize it.

Once you know HTML and CSS, learning Liquid is pretty straightforward. It’s written in more plain English than other coding languages which makes it more intuitive. Once you learn some of it, you’ll be able to edit themes without limits. We’ll teach you how to create your own sections, edit existing sections, create page templates and so much more! Don’t be intimidated, we’ll be right there with you.

We recommend dedicating at least 5 hours weekly to the course for 3 months. How long it will take you depends on your current knowledge. Learning something for the first time, especially code, takes a long time at the beginning but with practice, you’ll be working 20x faster than the first time you did it.

The content will be dripped out weekly, module by module, beginning October 3, 2022. All lesson content will be available by November 21, 2022.

Modules 1-4 will prepare you to scope a project, design for Shopify and build no-code stores. You’ll have 2 portfolio pieces at this point and be ready to confidently take on Shopify clients. Modules 5-8 will allow you to advance your coding skills to customize themes with code. After this, you’ll be prepared to ditch the cookie-cutter templates and offer semi-custom solutions to your clients. The course is self paced, with all modules being released by the end of November 2022, it’s up to you how quickly you complete it.

Pricing is very subjective and depends on a huge variety of factors (project scope, expertise, client process, industry, demand, location, etc.). However, a designer offering Shopify design and custom build can begin their project pricing at $10,000 USD. We’ll teach you the skills you need to get there, and how to feel confident charging those amounts.

Our course has two experts - one for design and the client process, the other for development. This means you get expert knowledge from both specialisms, no other course covers each area so in depth. Our course is suitable for both beginners and designers who want to level-up on Shopify, teaching them to do this on any theme in the Shopify theme store. You’ll come out of this course with 3+ portfolio pieces so that you’re able to show the Shopify expert you are before even having your first Shopify client.

To us, a custom store means starting with a Shopify theme as a base for the layout and functionality, and using code to enhance that design and create flexibility so that the store looks custom! Starting with an existing theme gives us the skeleton to work with and customizing with code gives us design freedom.

Themes are powerful and a LOT of work goes into them. One theme does NOT fit every project and it’s unnecessary learning how to build themes from scratch because there are so many amazing ones on offer with powerful features that would take too long to code. We teach you how to select the best theme for your project and edit it to what you want so it looks totally custom built.

We will be demonstrating our design process on Adobe XD which requires a paid subscription, however, you may use the free version of Figma to follow along the course. Everything else will be done right on Shopify although we will tell you some of our favourite free tools to use.

All course members will have 30% off the unlimited license for all custom Shopify templates at for one year. You’ll receive a discount code that can be applied at checkout.

Join us and become a SHOPIFY EXPERT      

Fast track your way to
becoming a Shopify expert

Unlimited Access to:
✨ All 8 modules of the course curriculum*
✨ Client process and email templates
Code Customization library & code snippets
✨ Our bestselling Shopify Store Launch Kit
✨ Briefs for portfolio pieces

12 months** Access to:
Support on our private Discord community***
30% off Luna sections (for our unlimited license)
✨ Course curriculum and resource updates

The doors have closed for this intake. Sign up to find out when the course is open again.