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How to open external links in a new tab on Shopify

The one piece of code I add to every store to keep customers from leaving the website.

How Shopify Website Designers Can Leverage Chat GPT

Leverage Chat GPT for your Shopify projects with these prompts, insights and practical applications from Shopify Certified Expert Brenda Lachman of Ecom Queens.

How to add different store languages on Shopify

Research shows that translating your store results in higher conversion rates, and a willingness to pay higher prices. If you’re selling to international markets, this is something you’ll definitely want to consider.

How to add different currencies on Shopify

Offering payments in local currencies can help increase conversion rates and give customers a better shopping experience. Let's look at exactly how to do that on Shopify.

What are Shopify Sales Channels?

Shopify's sales channels allow you to seamlessly sell multi-channel so you can reach millions of customers while keeping everything synced in one place.

How to design packaging for store *and* online

Laura Evans shares how products sold online are different from those in retail, and 4 ideas to maximize on-shelf appeal and screen appeal.

Highlights from Shopify Editions Summer '23

With 100+ product updates, Shopify Editions always gives us something to be excited about. Editions Summer ‘23 was released on Wednesday July 26, 2023 with a ton of exciting new updates.

How to Make Your Shopify Store GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Being compliant with privacy laws will help you earn trust with customers and keep the business out of hot water.

How to Earn Recurring Income on Shopify

Web designers are earning passive, recurring income from getting their clients on Shopify and you can too. Let's go through how you can set yourself up to earn by being a Shopify web design expert.

Best Shopify Themes for Blogging

Shopify is built primarily for e-commerce but with blogging being such an important tool for driving traffic to a website, let’s look at which themes offer the best blog layouts and blogging features that increase...

What is Shopify's Liquid Code?

Do you look at Shopify’s theme code like it’s a foreign language and you’re scared to mess it up if you touch anything? Liquid is easy to pick up once it’s broken down for you.

What are Shopify Metaobjects (and how to use them)

Metafields changed the game for merchants and web designers on Shopify. Now, what are metaobjects and how do you use them?

What are Shopify Metafields (and how to use them)

Metafields are one of the most useful updates Shopify has made in the past few years, and they unlock some serious site customization.

How to Create a Links Page on Shopify

With so many different link page options, which one should you go for, and how can you maximize the benefits of yours for your brand? Let’s find out!

Must-Have Email Automations for Your eCommerce Business before BFCM

Jess Romero gives us her top 4 must-have emails automations to have in place before BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).