Best Podcasts for Shopify Web Designers (2024)

Love to learn about your craft while on a walk or doing chores? See my best podcast picks for learning about Shopify.

Best Podcasts for Shopify Web Designers (2024)

Learning Shopify Through Podcasts

I’m a podcast junkie, and in my first year of working on Shopify, I listened to podcasts about it constantly, which taught me a lot about how to help store owners by understanding the problems they were facing, the steps they needed to take, the solutions that were out there and the current ecommerce landscape.

I started with podcasts that were focused on Shopify and these usually covered store design, email marketing, influencer marketing, packaging, and everything else you can expect to hear about when running a small business. Once that knowledge solidified, I explored bigger stories of entrepreneurship.

For me personally, my passion for e-commerce comes from loving entrepreneurship and wanting to help other entrepreneurs build successful businesses. So naturally, I want to hear founder stories, understand how their businesses work, the steps it took to build them, what their challenges are, and their learnings along the way. If that sounds like you too, I’ve also included podcasts focused on entrepreneur stories.

Here are my recommended podcasts for anyone interested in Shopify web design, email marketing or entrepreneurship:

Shopify & Marketing Podcasts

Winning With Shopify

This is a really good beginner's introduction to understanding everything e-commerce. They have interviews with store owners who have scaled their businesses and explain the route they took to get there, as well as interviews with marketing experts. From this podcast, you’ll learn how to understand merchants, imagine their path to success and clarify how you can help them. Listen here.

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

The most famous of Shopify podcasts that offers an equal mix of entertainment and knowledge bombs. Here they cover Shopify updates, interviews with incredibly successful store owners, and some Q&A. A must-listen if offering Shopify services is your bread and butter. Listen here.

Limited Supply

Presented like a chat between two friends as they discuss the latest news in consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and e-commerce. I find this one to be applicable to mid to large sized businesses who are facing bigger issues several years into their business. If you work with or for a larger company, this one might resonate better with you. Listen here.

Shopify Masters

The *official*  podcast from Shopify is catered towards entrepreneurs that want to start their own business. You’ll hear stories from store owners and e-commerce experts to give you insight into all the steps needed to bring your brilliant idea to life. Listen here.

Ecommerce Influence

Directed to store owners or entrepreneurs, this podcast is full of strategies for growing a DTC business. Austin deep dives into what’s currently working and what’s not in the ever changing online sales landscape. Listen here.

Entreprenership Podcasts

How I Built This

Made for lovers of entrepreneurship, Guy Raz interviews the world’s best-known entrepreneurs to hear the stories of how they built their brands. Incredibly inspiring with some good takeaways scattered throughout. This podcast doesn’t go into the minute details of operating a store like the podcasts at the top of this list and often makes you wonder if you skipped the part where they went from $100 to $5 million, but they’re amazing stories none the less. Listen here.


Another podcast created by Shopify, this podcast explores human stories of entrepreneurship from unexpected subcultures. Listen here.

Diary of a CEO (DOAC)

Educational interviews with experts and celebrities from every corner. Scroll through the episode list and you’ll find interviews with some of the most well known entrepreneurs and influential people of our time including one with Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. Listen here

Let us know if you have any favorites!

Shopify Learning FAQ

What's the best Shopify podcast?

The most popular and best podcast about Shopify is the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, hosted by Kurt Elster. With a mix of industry updates and stories from entrepreneurs, you'll hear about the successes and difficulties of growing an e-commerce business and what trends are emerging .

What skills do I need to learn to become a Shopify web designer?

To become a Shopify web designer, you should have both hard and soft skills. The main hard skills to learn are using Shopify's platform, web design strategies for ecommerce specifically, and coding with HTML, CSS & Liquid. To successfully run a profitable web design studio, you'll need some business skills as well such as how to market yourself and scope projects for profit. You'll also want to constantly stay up to date with industry trends so you can understand what your clients and their customers need.

How can I learn about Shopify?

You can learn about Shopify by immersing yourself in the industry. Podcasts are a great way to start, as well as practicing building a store for yourself. Taking a course like Design Freedom on Shopify will fast-track you with all the knowledge you need to design and build stores, as well as give you support on your learning journey.

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