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What to do when a client doesn’t have the budget to work with you

We’ve all heard “it’s out of my budget” but that doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation. Let’s see what you can do to continue to give your client options to work together.

Best Podcasts for Designers on Shopify

Love to learn about your craft while on a walk or doing chores? See my best podcast picks for learning about Shopify.

What is headless Shopify and when to use it?

Intrigued about Shopify headless websites? Let's go over what headless means, why brands choose to go headless, the pros and cons and if it's something that you should do.

Should you build a Shopify store from scratch?

Your client tells you they want a custom Shopify website, but what does that actually mean and is it the best solution for them? 

How Shopify Website Designers Can Leverage Chat GPT

Leverage Chat GPT for your Shopify projects with these prompts, insights and practical applications from Shopify Certified Expert Brenda Lachman of Ecom Queens.

How to design packaging for store *and* online

Laura Evans shares how products sold online are different from those in retail, and 4 ideas to maximize on-shelf appeal and screen appeal.

How to Earn Recurring Income on Shopify

Web designers are earning passive, recurring income from getting their clients on Shopify and you can too. Let's go through how you can set yourself up to earn by being a Shopify web design expert.

What is Shopify's Liquid Code?

Do you look at Shopify’s theme code like it’s a foreign language and you’re scared to mess it up if you touch anything? Liquid is easy to pick up once it’s broken down for you.

How to Hire a Shopify Developer

When designing a client’s website, you want to create the best thing imaginable for the brand. But then comes the moment when you think, “wait, how do Iactuallybuild this?”. Or maybe your client has asked...

Red Flags to Look For in Clients & How to Turn Down Projects

When it comes to finding & booking your dream clients, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you really start to find your prince(s). Those frogs usually come with a few red flags,...

15 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers on Shopify

Little tools can make a big difference to your workload and that’s where Chrome extensions come to the rescue. I’m guilty of having a busy browser window full of little extension icons, and I can’t...

How To Manage Your Design Projects To Streamline Operations

Do you often find yourself having many tabs open to access emails from a specific client, notes that you have taken on a feedback call, and project timelines at the same time? If this sounds...

How Linktree Harms Your Brand (and the solution!)

Are your clients missing out on website traffic by using Linktree, Link in Bio or Bio Sites? A dedicated links page for Instagram supercharges a site’s SEO and looks much more professional.

What to know for your first Shopify client as a website designer

Unsure about how to start on your first Shopify client? I’m giving you all information you need to do things right the first time so that you look like a total pro.

Questions to ask in a Shopify inquiry call to win the job

Inquiry calls can be tough if you’re not prepared. But here’s the secret: the most important thing about an inquiry call is to LISTEN. I’m revealing my formula for winning the inquiry calls you want...