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How Shopify Website Designers Can Leverage Chat GPT

Leverage Chat GPT for your Shopify projects with these prompts, insights and practical applications from Shopify Certified Expert Brenda Lachman of Ecom Queens.

How to design packaging for store *and* online

Laura Evans shares how products sold online are different from those in retail, and 4 ideas to maximize on-shelf appeal and screen appeal.

Must-Have Email Automations for Your eCommerce Business before BFCM

Jess Romero gives us her top 4 must-have emails automations to have in place before BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).

Red Flags to Look For in Clients & How to Turn Down Projects

When it comes to finding & booking your dream clients, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you really start to find your prince(s). Those frogs usually come with a few red flags,...

Top 3 eCommerce Marketing Musts for Brands

Sarah Dyer gives us her top 3 ecommerce marketing tips and tells us how exactly to implement them with web design clients.

How To Manage Your Design Projects To Streamline Operations

Do you often find yourself having many tabs open to access emails from a specific client, notes that you have taken on a feedback call, and project timelines at the same time? If this sounds...