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How to use Shopify’s Search & Discovery app for more sales

Shopify Search & Discovery App: Optimizations for More Sales

An important of making sales is making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Here’s where filtering comes in. It’s helpful for all catalog numbers to provide additional information to customers, but...
How to add different currencies on Shopify

How to Enable Multi-Currency Shopping on Your Shopify Website

What is Shopify Multi-Currency?  Shopify multi-currency means enabling shoppers to make purchases in their local currency, so that they know the final price upon purchase without worrying about foreign transaction fees.  When online shopping, one...
What are Shopify Sales Channels

Shopify Sales Channels: Benefits of selling multi-channel

What is a Shopify sales channel? Shopify’s sales channels are a way to reach more customers by selling on other platforms, all while managing your products, sales and inventory in one place. Selling multichannel introduces...
Shopify & GDPR: How to Make Sure Your Site is Compliant

Shopify & GDPR: How to Make Sure Your Site is Compliant

If your store is accepting payments online and collecting, processing or storing visitor information (which all Shopify websites are), then you need to make sure that your website is compliant with privacy regulations of your...
How Linktree Harms Your Brand (and the solution!)

How Linktree Harms Your Brand & the Best Alternative

What is Linktree or Link in Bio? Ever read, “Link in bio” in someone’s Instagram caption? This means the creator is pointing you to go to their Instagram bio to where they've shared a URL for...
How to Optimize Images for Shopify

Shopify Image Optimization: Importance, Tools, and Tips

In the rush to add products and start the fun part of designing and building a Shopify store, it's easy to forget about image optimization. Website images need to be resized and compressed before uploading...
How to Make Color Swatches for Shopify

Shopify Color Swatches: How to Make and Use Them

What are color swatches? Color swatches are visual representations of the color, pattern or texture of a product being sold on an e-commerce website. They're shown as small circles or squares that can be selected to...
How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify

Shopify & Google Analytics 4 (2024): How to Set Up

I admit… I think tracking is fun. Who doesn’t love the excitement of launching a website and seeing how many visitors there were, where they came from, and what they did on the site? Shopify...
How to Use Custom Fonts on Shopify

How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

There are several that allow you to add an Instagram feed to a store in the Shopify theme store but here are my go-to favorites that I use on all my stores.