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How to open external links in a new tab on Shopify

How to Open External Links in a New Tab on Shopify

You always want external links (any links that lead outside of the store's URL) to open into a new tab so that customers don’t completely leave the website and never come back. Most stores have...
How to add different store languages on Shopify

How to Add Multiple Languages to Your Shopify Store

Why translate your store language? To put it simply, if people can’t read your website, they’re not likely to buy. Think back to a time that you were online shopping and landed on a website...
How to add different currencies on Shopify

How to Enable Multi-Currency Shopping on Your Shopify Website

What is Shopify Multi-Currency?  Shopify multi-currency means enabling shoppers to make purchases in their local currency, so that they know the final price upon purchase without worrying about foreign transaction fees.  When online shopping, one...
What are Shopify metaobjects and how to use them

Shopify Metaobjects: What They Are, and How to Use Them

Shopify Editions Winter ‘23 revealed over 200 product updates on Shopify, one of which being Metaobjects. A year prior, Shopify released Metafields which was one of the most valuable updates to store merchants. What are...
What are Shopify Metafields (and how to use them)

Shopify Metafields: What They Are, and How to Use Them

What are Shopify Metafields? Metafields would be better named “Custom fields” because that’s exactly what they are. They allow us to store and display extra information about products, collections, pages, blog posts and more. While...
How to Create a Custom CSS File on Shopify

Custom CSS File on Shopify: How to Create and Why You Need It

How to add custom CSS to Shopify There are a few ways to add custom CSS to a Shopify theme. Theme editorIn the theme editor, you can add custom CSS to any section, that will apply...
How to Make Color Swatches for Shopify

Shopify Color Swatches: How to Make and Use Them

What are color swatches? Color swatches are visual representations of the color, pattern or texture of a product being sold on an e-commerce website. They're shown as small circles or squares that can be selected to...
How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify

Shopify & Google Analytics 4 (2024): How to Set Up

I admit… I think tracking is fun. Who doesn’t love the excitement of launching a website and seeing how many visitors there were, where they came from, and what they did on the site? Shopify...
How to Use Custom Fonts on Shopify

How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

There are several that allow you to add an Instagram feed to a store in the Shopify theme store but here are my go-to favorites that I use on all my stores. 
How to Add Anchor Links on Shopify

How to Create Anchor Links on Shopify: An Easy Solution

Have you come to this article thinking that an anchor link should be a super easy thing to do, but finding it impossible or clunky on Shopify? I’ve been there and came up with an...
How to Add Sections everywhere on Shopify 1.0 themes

How to Add Sections Everywhere on Shopify 1.0 Themes

On Shopify, it has traditionally been easy to make a great looking homepage with the theme's section building blocks, but difficult to edit other pages to look equally exciting. That’s why page builders like PageFly...
Centered Logo Header - A Flex Theme Shopify Tutorial

Flex Theme Header Tutorial: How to Center the Logo

When building client websites, I always look to start with a paid premium theme that closely resembles the design I'm going for. Sometimes there isn't really anything that fits well -- some themes have some...